Keep Your Crew Seen, Keep Your Crew SAFE! – Safety Week 2020

Here at Excel, we care deeply about keeping every one of your employees safe all year round. Over the years we have printed thousands of shirts on safety colors and have recently expanded our products to include hats, vests, jackets, beanies. We have many options including Safety Green, Safety Orange, even Safety Pink. Show your crew that you care about them by gifting them safety versions of your shirts. We can take your current shirt order and adjust the design to look best on safety colors, or we can come up with an all-new design. 

Why Customized Glassware Make Effective Promotional Items

Trying to promote your company effectively can be challenging to figure out sometimes. Nowadays, there are so many marketing options out there for one to choose from. It truly is challenging to know which is going to be a runaway success and what may not be time or cost-efficient. We think an excellent choice for you to consider is promotional glassware!