As the 2019 – 2020 school year is nearing closer, we know you have many things to prepare for, so let us worry about making your shirts! Custom, hand-drawn t-shirts featuring your school are the perfect keepsakes for your students to remember their school activities and achievements.

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Excel Back to School Examples

Drama Club – Create treasured keepsakes of when your students stole the spotlight

For weeks after school, a group of students will gather together to build and rehearse a theater production. Some will shine in the spotlight on stage while others play music in the orchestra pit. Some will scurry set pieces in between scenes while others operate tech around the building. But all together they spend countless hours working toward a common goal: to create an amazing show. This experience will be the highlight of their school year for many of these students. The shirt from their show becomes a treasured keepsake, reminding them of the time they were part of an extended family who created something special.

JROTC – Great items for recruitment and appreciation of JROTC

The students who participate in JROTC develop characteristics and skills. as cadets and students, that will help to enrich their future. They will develop leadership, become active in community service, develop a higher sense of self confidence, and develop positive life skills and self discipline. What a better way to honor those who chose to serve with a shirt of appreciation.

Class of 2020 – Put an exclamation point on the end of your students’ 12 year journey

Your students work hard  year round to achieve the grades and activities to graduate. For many students, teachers and families, graduation day is one of the proudest moments. Together, the Class of 2020 has made a journey through life, and they will forever identify with one another as classmates. Their “Class of 2020” shirts will be worn with pride as they march forward with their lives, even if occasionally pausing to remember their high school years.

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Excel Back to School Examples

Class Trips – Mark the occasion of eventful class trips and educational tours

A few times in a student’s time in school, they might get an opportunity to travel. Some who study languages might get the chance to travel to a foreign country to study culture. Some may load onto a bus and take a road trip to see the best that the United States has to offer. These memorable experiences have a huge impact, a time when students are able to combine education with a sense of independence and exploration.

School – Increase school spirit with a shirt your school families will wear with pride

Shirts with your school name, or a combination of name and mascot, can give your students, teachers and alumni the opportunity to show their school spirit. Without dates or specific event references, these shirts become a timeless treasure that can be worn year round.

FFA – Encourage a community of belonging and togetherness

Beginning as the “Future Farmers of America,” the National FFA Organization remains committed to providing a path to achievement in premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Students will value these shirts as they frequent their activities together, building a sense of belonging.

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Excel Back to School Examples

Prom – Cherish one of the most memorable nights of the school year

Every prom has an elaborate theme that captures the spirit of the school year. And while students can’t wear their dresses or tuxedos too often, they’ll always have the comfortable shirts that celebrate that cherished night.

Sports – Build team pride and school spirit with your sports team or mascot

Student athletes will love to represent their team by wearing their shirts the day of their big games. At pep rallies and sporting events, students can wear these shirts to cheer along their friends who are playing. Let us design a creative shirt with your mascot playing sports!

Achievement – Celebrate the awards and championships of your students with memorable tees

Has your team won the big championship? Did your student body attain a prestigious award? Celebrate the little wins and the big achievements of your students with a fantastic shirt that they can show off and hold their heads high!

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Excel Back to School Examples

Clubs – Mark achievements or encourage participation with clubs and activities

Honor Society, AV Club, Yearbook, Interact, AFS, Future Business Leaders of America. Every club in your school has members who are active and proud. Commemorate the membership and encourage participation with sharp looking shirts for all your clubs and activities.

Band – Promote this year’s theme with a unique design that your students will love

Every year you pick out a theme, get the music, choreograph the routine, and spend countless hours practicing and rehearsing until it’s perfect. Whether your play at halftime, march in parades, or compete competitively, your band year needs to be memorialized with a shirt.

Homecoming – Commemorate the memorable weekend for your students and alumni

Your school’s homecoming is a special time for families of students, faculty and alumni alike. With festivities including parades, school dances and football games, the entire weekend is full of memorable experiences for all those involved. Your Homecoming shirts will rally school pride for the parade or big football rivalry, and capture the feeling of puppy love at the dance.

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Be sure to visit our Design Gallery of school examples of some of our past works which we’ve created with our customers. You’ll be able to search shirts in categories like Clubs, Drama, Elementary, FFA, JROTC, and Music.