St. Patrick’s Day is a popular holiday for police and fire departments all over the world. For one day (and sometimes a whole weekend), even those who aren’t Irish love to dress up and celebrate with parades, special foods, music, dancing, drinking and a whole lot of green.

For several years our artists have supplied festive artwork and designs for t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for police and fire departments’ St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Featuring plenty of green and orange, these designs also incorporate the names, station numbers and elements of design like a Maltese cross or tools of the trade.

Let us help your department celebrate with a custom St. Patrick’s Day shirt designed specifically for you!

Place your order before Feb 22nd to have it designed, printed and shipped to you by St. Patrick’s Day! And with this special promotion, receive three free sweatshirts with every 72 pieces in your order!*

Here are some St. Patrick’s Day designs we’ve done for other fire departments! What will you do to help your department celebrate?

St. Patrick's Day Design Examples from Excel Sportswear



*Offer Expires 02/22/2019 – Regular Minimums Apply. You will receive 3 free sweatshirts for every 72 pieces in your order. (For instance, you’d receive 6 free sweatshirts for a 144 piece order, 9 free for 216 pieces, and so on.) Contact us for details.