Excel Sportswear Free T-shirt Content winner!

Excel Sportswear’s contest winner is Lance Selzer with Okoboji Classic Cars, LLC!

“Responsive, attentive, helpful, caring and thoughtful. That’s how I’d characterize the people I deal with at Excel Sportswear,” asserts Lance Selzer of Okoboji Classic Cars in West Okoboji, Iowa. “Plus, they produce a top-notch product.”

Okoboji Classic Cars was recently selected as the winner of Excel Sportswear’s contest promoting their new website, www.exceltees.com. Okoboji will receive a 72-piece custom t-shirt order for their winning entry.

Throughout the years, the company has purchased hundreds of custom printed t-shirts from Excel that are ultimately sold in the firm’s extensive gift shop.

A self-described wearer of many hats at Okoboji Classic Cars, one of Lance’s responsibilities is purchasing the merchandise for the gift shop. Among the items on his shopping list are Excel Sportswear t-shirts that feature artist drawings of one or more of the classic cars on display in the showroom.

“We send Excel a photo of a particular classic car and their artists produce a drawing of the car that is ultimately re-produced on custom t-shirts,” says Lance. “Our customers love them. Plus, they are a ‘walking billboard’ for our museum.”

Okoboji Classic Cars can best be described as a “truly unique” company

Featuring a Classic Car Museum showcasing over 70 classic and vintage cars in a massive indoor display area, the company likes to describe the museum as the “ultimate man cave.” According to Lance, one of the more eye-catching cars on the showroom floor is a 1937 Cord Beverly. The Cord was the first American-designed and built front wheel drive car with independent front suspension.

“On any given day, especially weekends, we have up to 300 persons touring the museum,” says Lance. “They literally come from around the globe, from the Netherlands to Japan and beyond.”

Okoboji Classic Cars is also a classic car dealer, offering up to 50 such cars for immediate delivery. In addition, the company will purchase select vehicles including entire estate collections.

Have your own classic car in need of restoration? Their 35,000 square foot restoration facility includes an upholstery, body and mechanical reconditioning studio with a team of skilled technicians with 200 years of combined experience.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a collectible car, restore a currently owned car or just want to take a stroll down memory lane in their museum, you’ll want to make this a destination spot, claims the Okoboji Classic Cars website.

Perhaps Okoboji Classic Cars’ general manager Denny Linn sums it up best, “We’re a little piece of Las Vegas in the northwest corner of Iowa.”