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Alameda County Sheriff Design of the Week

Alameda County Sheriff Design of the Week

Excel Sportswear’s Interview with our Featured “Design of the Week”

Name of Company: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

Industry Division: Urban Shield

Year Established: Urban Shield began in 2007.

Founders: Alameda County Sheriff; Gregory J Ahern

Founding Location: Alameda County California

Participants: Urban Shield is the largest urban full-scale readiness exercise in the United States. Numerous first responders from across the county and even the world have participated in or observe Urban Shield.

Description of Program: Urban Shield is a first response training platform for law enforcement, fire personnel, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

Tell us about the Program’s mission: The overarching goals of the programs provided include striving for the capability to present a multi-layered training exercise to enhance the skills and abilities of regional first responders, as well as those responsible for coordinating and managing large scale events.

What is unique about the Program? Urban Shield challenges the skills, knowledge and abilities of all who participate. It not only improves regional disaster response capabilities, but also provides a platform for national and international first responders, as well as the private sector, to work efficiently and effectively together when critical incidents occur.

Want to know more details about the services Urban Shield provides? Contact them directly at 510.208.9929, or email