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Excel Sportswear’s Interview with our Featured “Design of the Week”

Name of Company: Kuyoth’s Klassics, Kuyoth Body & Custom Inc.

Industry Type: Car Sales and Vehicle Restoration

Description of Kuyoth’s Klassics: Kuyoth’s Klassics is a branch of Kuyoth Body & Custom Inc. where we buy, sell and consign quality classic cars. Kuyoth’s Klassics specializes in the restoration and maintenance of American muscle cars, antiques, collector and exotic autos.

Year Established: The branch of Kuyoth’s Klassics was established in 1997 with parent company Kuyoth Body & Custom Inc. having over 30 years of servicing the community.

Founding Location: Stratford, Wisconsin

Founders: Troy Kuyoth and his wife Patti Kuyoth

How did your Company get its start? Our owner, Troy Kuyoth, grew up in a family business where he was exposed to mechanics and his family’s fascination with cars (mainly making them go very fast). His interest turned toward bodywork and car restoration (and a bunch of racing in his free time). When his dad dedicated a portion of his repair shop to him, he began sourcing old cars, mainly Mustangs, and dove into the restoration process. As he became more in demand, he added staff, and eventually expanded to a larger facility (still in Stratford). The business once again morphed from classic car restorations to commercial bodywork, collision, sandblasting, complete custom builds and full restorations.

Employee Count: We currently have a staff of 18 employees.

Tell us about your Company’s mission for Employees: We are proud of our Midwestern roots, work ethic and small-town values. We are staffed by an incredibly talented group of people, some of who have been here since the early days, 30 years ago, and for that we are grateful.

Tell us about your Company’s mission for your Customers: Whether your classic car is in need of a full restoration or just routine maintenance, Kuyoth’s Klassics and Kuyoth Body & Custom Inc. are well equipped to handle the most challenging demands of any project or customer needs or wants. We restore all make and models of vehicles.

What is unique about Kuyoth’s Klassics and Kuyoth Body & Custom Inc.? Our experienced staff is also highly trained in heavy truck collision repairs. Our body shop is designed to meet the needs of large vehicle repairs ranging from dump trucks, trailers, buses, motor coaches, motor homes as well as boats, snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles. We can reach our customers worldwide and offer transportation of our quality classics from our shop to their door.

Think you may need services that Kuyoth’s Klassics can provide? Contact them at (715) 687-4522 or visit their website: