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Excel Sportswear Design of the Week Hatton Crane & Rigging

Excel Sportswear Design of the Week Hatton Crane & Rigging

Excel Sportswear’s Interview with our Featured “Design of the Week.”

Name of Company: Hatton Crane & Rigging

Industry Type: Crane Rental Services and On-site Operators/Labor

Year Established: 1982

Founder: Robert Hatton

Founding Location: South San Francisco

Areas of Service: We provide crane, trucking, and warehousing services throughout Northern and Central California.

Description of Hatton Crane & Rigging: Hatton Crane & Rigging delivers our big, orange hydraulic cranes from 17 tons to over 500 tons directly to job sites in Northern and Central California, along with skilled and experienced operators, riggers and ironworkers, for a few hours or a few months, depending on your job requirements.

What is unique about your Company? In the beginning, Robert had just three old trucks, one small crane, and some warehouse space. But he had the courage to take on large projects, the dedication and creativity to overcome complex challenges, and a clear vision about how to incorporate exceptional customer service into every job.

Tell us about your Company’s mission for Clients: Today, Robert’s son Gary manages the day-to-day operations of the company. Although, regular investment in new technology and the gradual addition of new services have grown Hatton into a full-service state-of-the-art crane and rigging company, our dedication to our customers has maintained our reputation for providing the best customer service in the industry.

Tell us about your Company’s mission for Employees: When you deal with Team Hatton, you’ll find that our staff is always ready to serve you and your unique project needs! You’ll meet our efficient and friendly team at the Hatton Hayward office as well as our on-site operators. Both our office and on-site teams are equally dedicated to the efficiency and effectiveness of your project.

From back end systems that enable us to simplify the scheduling of hydraulic cranes and trucks, the tracking of equipment, and the smooth management of your project to the tools available to you, the entire office team at Hatton is dedicated to your success.

In addition, our on-site operations and specialists provide a positive, helpful, safe and professional work enviroment. Because they work promptly, our job sites manage to get more done in less time.

Most Proud Attributes of Company Standards: Team Hatton’s fleet has grown, and we operate our Big Orange rigs in many more locations, but our dedication to the vision, service, and tradition of Robert Hatton that has always driven our growth continue to separate Team Hatton from the pack.

Call Hatton Crane & Rigging at 1-800-600-CRANE (2726) to schedule next-day delivery of both high-quality equipment and experienced operators to your job site!

Or, visit their website to complete the Customer Quotation Request to receive a quote for your next project.