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Excel Sportswear Design of the Week Creepin Motosports

Excel Sportswear Design of the Week Creepin Motorsports

Excel Sportswear’s Interview with our Featured “Design of the Week”

Name of Company: Creepin Motorsports

Industry Type: Repair and Fabrication Shop and 4WD Truck Pulling Team.

Year Established: 2011

Founder: Founder – Trent Brownfield. Mechanics – Eric Cline and Keith Williams

Founding Location: Barnesville, Ohio

Description of Creepin Motorsports: Creepin Motorsports started out as a truck pulling team that ran a street legal gas truck. Over the past seven years, however, utilizing the first-hand knowledge and experience from the track, Creepin has grown from a pulling team to a full repair facility and fabrication business.

What is unique about your Company? Creepin may be a newer company, and the truck may not be as funded as some of the other pullers, but we work hard to keep pace, outperform and put out quality work for both our customers and own truck. It’s not so much the moments and projects that have allowed us to be successful, its the support of family, friends, the team and our customers who make it possible for us to do what we are passionate about every day.

Has Creepin Motorsports been involved in community/volunteer events? We make it a point to not only give back to charities via various benefit and drives but we also recently hosted an open house to allow the community a chance to get to know us as a company.

Recent Projects/Jobs: This season we unveiled and ran a brand new truck (the white one in the shirt design). This build has allowed us to compete in the NTPA in the Region II division and really take the team to a whole new level.

Inspirational Moments: One of our proudest moments was being able to pull in Bowling Green at the National Tractor Pulling Championship for the past two years. The event is iconic and being able to actually be on the track was really a milestone for the team and company.

What was your experience like working with Excel Sportswear? We always have great feedback from everyone regarding our shirts. We have done three designs now to highlight the way the pulling truck has evolved over the years. And with each design, we have had great success in selling the shirts and getting our name out there. We love that the shirts are very custom and the process is really customer driven. Excel makes the shirts exactly the way we want them each time!

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