A T-shirt is a T-shirt until……. it’s something special

Your automotive business is so much more than just a logo. Just about every automotive business has branded t-shirts, and we are certain yours does as well. Dealerships, body shops, performance, and repair shops hand them out all the time. People have drawers full of them, and unfortunately, most branded shirts never see the light of day.

Why would your customers want to wear your logo? Even if they LOVED the look of the logo, it has no personal meaning to them.  How about your employees; do they wear your business’s logo shirt outside of work? Doubtful. It’s just a logo; most logos don’t embody the reasons that your employees are proud to be a part of your business.

We have a Better Idea

Designs that highlight the cars and trucks that you sell, service and repair or the parts you provide and the services that you deliver to your customers. How about a shirt that not only carries your logo BUT, more importantly, illustrates what makes you and your employees proud? What if that shirt could show the reasons your customers come to you, tells your story, and delivers your message?

The fact is, most automotive businesses can’t get their customers or even their employees to wear apparel with just their logos. So how are Excel’s clients able to get their customers and employees to wear their shirts and promote their business everywhere they go? It’s all about the design.

Excel is ready to design a great-looking shirt that tells your story and illustrates what makes you unique for those using apparel to promote their business. We can put your message on the backs of your employees, customers, fans, and families alike. Walking, talking billboards that will not just advertise your dealership but start a wildfire of word-of-mouth advertising.

Almost 40 years ago, Excel was formed for the sole purpose of making the world’s favorite t-shirts – give us a chance to make yours.  No obligation.  Just give us a call or send us an email. It’s fun, easy, and, most importantly, beneficial for your dealership. What will we create for you?

So how do we do things here at Excel?

With 15 full-time illustrators and an in-depth understanding of the automotive industry, our in-house art department can bring your design ideas to life. Custom artwork is not just about screen printing a logo on a t-shirt. It’s about creating an image to portray what your company, organization, or event is all about. Our talented staff of illustrators are eager to help you with all of your design needs. Whether it’s t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jackets or promotional items, we will produce the highest-quality products that will not only look great but your employees, customers, family, and friends will love to wear.

  • Highly detailed artwork
  • Hand-drawn illustrations
  • Unique design work like never seen before
  • Top-quality apparel
  • Low minimums
  • Our Artists work closely with you
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Proof before production
  • No art, screen, or set-up fees

Still, wondering how custom t-shirts play a role in promoting your automotive business? Custom T-Shirts…

  • Will help you in your Branding initiative
  • Are Walking, Talking Billboards,
  • Are the Best word of mouth advertising
  • Increase brand value
  • Increases sales

Some of our customer testimonials relevant to the Automotive industry

“Great service from order to delivery. We’ve been enjoying our original artwork for 10 years!”
— Greg Ryan, Ryan Automotive, Inc – GOOD to go

“Our order was delivered when promised – and I just referred two people after they saw our shirts!”
— Tammy Stockslager, Auto Body Dimensions

“It was a fast, easy process from idea to product in the store. Professional people with a great product.”
— Bobby Schneider, Mercedes-Benz of New Rochelle

“Excel representatives, designers, and customer service are always willing to meet the customers’ needs. The team work great together keeping everyone in the loop! They always understand my image and recreate it on a product. Designers work with you to create your image — not theirs. And billing and customer service always provide great service with a positive attitude!”
— Dina Modesto, Muscle Car City Museum

Have questions? Let’s get you started.

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