How do you create my custom T-shirt design?

How do you create my custom T-shirt design?

Once we’ve had a conversation with you and discussed all of your design ideas, and you place your order, it goes to our art department. That’s where the real magic happens. One of our talented in-house artists will begin to bring your ideas to life. Your needs and your market will determine which artist will work on your design. Sometimes we’ll work with just an idea and your vision, and other times, we’ll work with photographs and your vision. In either case, we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations of what your design will look like.

For instance, if you own a towing business, we would like to see pictures of your tow truck. If you’re a member of a volunteer fire department, we would like to see pictures of your trucks and apparatus. If you own a body shop, we would like to see your building or your project car. Whatever you want to feature in your design, we want to see it, just as you see it.

When you’re sending us pictures, the best pictures to send are pictures at the highest possible resolution. We also need pictures that show the object (your truck, tractor, car, etc.) exactly as you want it to appear in your design. This will allow our artists to get the most detail and best possible accuracy for your design. We want to get it right the first time!

You don’t need a fancy camera to take good pictures for us. Pictures taken with smartphones can provide an excellent level of detail for our artists to work with, and many smartphones have default settings that take pictures at a huge size and a high resolution. And don’t worry — it’s impossible for you to send us too many pictures or pictures that are too big!

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