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Can I add some kids’ shirts to my order?

This may or may not be an option, depending on your design. We’ve found that youth medium and youth large T-shirts can generally be printed with an adult-sized print, but that youth small T-shirts are a little different. For example, our typical design for an adult shirt is roughly 13” wide x 15” high. If you’d like to have it printed on a youth small T-shirt, the image will probably end up being printed onto the sleeves at the top of the garment.

Now, we can print smaller prints on youth garments, but the design will end up having a much different appearance than the larger adult garment that it was designed for. Additionally, if you want to add youth-sized hooded sweatshirts, the pockets on the garments will also affect the height of the printed image. And if you need toddler-sized merchandise, we’ll definitely have to make the artwork smaller, make separate screens, run it on a special press, and you’ll need to order a minimum of 48 pieces.

If you’d like to order these smaller garments, please let us know when you place your order. Understanding your needs more fully will help us create the best possible design for you.

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