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Who we are:

Join the very best direct sales team in the industry. Our products are the best and our sales force has the ability, skill and training to explain why. Excel is the largest direct sales screen print/ embroidery company in the world for two very good reasons (1) our products and (2) our people.

We bring our products directly to the customers. We spend the time and effort to “create” sales and create the need for our products. Our designs are created from scratch using the customers input. These are designs about the customer, their School, their mascot, their Police Force, their Fire Station and their Car Dealership. It is about them. We are the exterior designers of the sportswear business.

Necessary skills:

You must be willing to work at your craft. We have an enormous amount to teach new sales people and even the most experienced will get an education. Our systems have worked for twenty years and have made people just like you very successful. If you’ll work we will guarantee your success. It is really that simple. What is “very successful?” You will earn a minimum of $50,000 your first year if you follow our lead, guaranteed.

Is it difficult?

Yes. Sales is not an easy profession. If you believe that sales is easy, you are destined to fail. Sales means lots of calls and not everyone will love you. That is the sales business.

We read the ads in the papers and from those ads EVERYONE must be working six hour days and spending the rest of the time on the golf course. That isn’t the real world. Ours is a sales company and we appreciate what it takes to be successful. Do you have what it takes? We can’t tell you until you make your first “cold call” for success. Call our Sales Manager (Mike Zanolli) direct at 1-800-784-8857 for a direct and honest conversation about your chances to succeed at Excel Sportswear.

Please review the graphics found in the DESIGNS section and see what we sell. Compare our designs to what you remember from your school days. People buy the graphics and we have the best graphics in the industry.

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